Creating your company: steps to verify point by point

About you

Do you want to create a company in France?

Do you already have a specific project and want to put your plans into practice?

Do you know how to finance your project?

There are 3 key stages involved in creating a company:

  • The preparatory phase of your project
  • The creation phase of your company
  • The start-up phase of your activity

At each stage, you need to verify the key points with the help of your lawyer.

Before the creation of your company

Before creating your company, you need to think about the following points (preparatory phase of your project):

  • Define the details of your project: the activities proposed (services, sale), the sector chosen (industry, commerce, services), the target audience
  • Confirm the method of financing: establish a business plan
  • Choose a name for the company: check beforehand with the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) that the name you want to give your company is not already being used by an existing company
  • Make sure you have the required approvals to carry out the activity
  • Choose a business location: hire premises, registered address, warehouse
  • Define the most suitable legal form for your activity: freelancer, sole trader, SAS, SARL, SAS, SNC
  • Determine the social status of the executive director
  • Determine the tax regime suitable for your company

To ensure the feasibility of your project from a legal and fiscal point of view, we strongly advise you to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

After the creation of your company

When you have confirmed you have a viable project with your lawyer, you can start the phase of creating your company, as follows:

  • Drafting statutes of your future company
  • Registering your company with the Centre des Formalités des Entreprises (CFE/business start-up centre)
  • Registration with different organisations: URSSAF, Social Security/RSI, tax service (particularly for VAT registration if applicable)
  • Set about publishing a notification of the company’s inception or creation of a business in a journal of legal notices

Again, we strongly recommend you seek the assistance of your lawyer at this essential stage.

At last, once the company is created, you can enter the start-up phase of your activity:

  • You will receive your Kbis or certificate of company registration
  • You will need to set up an invoicing system
  • You will need to appoint an accounting professional (a chartered or certified accountant, if possible)
  • You will need to draft employment contracts if you are going to hire employees
  • You will need to comply with VAT rules in the case of exports or intracommunity deliveries