My tax status in France

About you

You are a private individual with income from various countries and you are wondering about your tax obligations in France and abroad.

You have just settled in France and want to know what your tax status is.

You live abroad and earn income in France, you want to know if you are liable for tax on this income.

Taxation in France

Do you want to know your tax status in France?

You may get an idea by answering the questions below.

France (A)

Abroad (B)

Both at the same time (C)

If I am married with or without children: place I live with my family

If I am single: place I live most of the year (more than 6 months)

If I work in one country only: place of my professional activity

If I work in several countries: place I work most of the year

Where is my employer located?

Where do most of my investments come from (financial/property)?

Country in which I have a home

Where is my social life located (social, political, community, cultural life)

Country in which I have a bank account

Which country am I a national of?

TOTAL (indicate the number of boxes ticked per column)


If my answers are mostly As, I am probably resident in France for tax purposes
This means that the country I am liable to pay tax in is France. I must declare all my income there, even if it was earned abroad.

If my answers are mostly Bs, I am probably not resident in France for tax purposes.
This means that the country I am liable to pay tax in is not France and is a foreign country. As a rule, I should only declare income in France that has a French source.

If my answers are mostly Cs, my tax situation is complex because several elements are based both in France and abroad.
To determine the extent of my obligations in each country, I need to consult a tax lawyer.

Please note: This questionnaire is intended simply as a guide and does not replace a detailed analysis of your situation by a tax lawyer.

Our support

Altexis offers you full support in the following areas:

• We can establish your tax status in France: resident or non-resident for tax purposes.
• We can establish the allocation of your taxation between France and abroad.
• We can calculate your tax in France.
• We can help you file your income tax return in France.