Tax audit : local taxation

Our observation

  • Local business taxation yields more than corporate taxes
  • Local business taxation accounts for 2.4% of the added value of companies.
  • Between 2015 and 2017, local business taxation increased by 7.6% against 3.4% for GDP over the same period and 1.2% for inflation.

How can the cost of this taxation be controlled?

If you are an industrial company, an audit of your company’s property tax, CFE and CVAE tax bases can enable you to significantly optimise your tax bases in full compliance with the applicable legislation:

  • By carrying out an in-depth analysis of your taxable industrial fixed assets
  • By reconciling computer and accounting data with your company’s physical inventory
  • By ensuring that you benefit from all the exemptions that are applicable as per your company’s situation.
  • By ensuring that your change statments have not exceeded the legal scope of reporting
  • By creating a process to update and monitor computer and accounting data for industrial fixed assets

Our offer

Within the framework of its missions, ALTEXIS has developed an expertise in local taxation and has thus been able to significantly reduce the cost of local taxation for its industrial clients, either upstream by carrying out an audit or by assisting them during tax audits or litigation.

We are at your disposal to discuss your situation, do not hesitate to contact us.